Oliver Haag
Dusemonder Hof
Dusemonder Straße 44
D-54472 Brauneberg/Mosel
Telefon (0 65 34) 4 10
Telefax (0 65 34) 13 47
e-mail: info@weingut-fritz-haag.de

The estate was first documented in 1605, and has been owned by the family ever since. The name ‘Dusemonder Hof’ derives from the former village name ‘Dusemond’ – changed in 1925 in order to correspond with the appellation used for the vineyard sites on the ‘Brauneberg’(brown hill). Vineyard Size and Grape Varieties: The estate owns 7 ha (17 acres) of choice parcels in the very steep, south-facing vineyards on the slate slopes opposite the village of Brauneberg – property recognized as the best of the region in the Napoleonic vineyard classification of 1804. Riesling, the only variety cultivated, stamps the character of the wine estate.

Vineyard Sites:
Brauneberger Juffer-Sonnenuhr and Juffer.

The Wines:
Current proprietor Oliver Haag continues to concentrate on the tried-and-true traditions of the house to produce typical Mosel Riesling wines of all ripeness levels and styles, from dry to lusciously sweet.A slaty mineral character and a pronounced, fruity acidity lend the wines raciness and great aging potential.QbAs are simply marketed as ‘Guts-Riesling’(house Riesling),without mention of a vineyard site on the label.

All wines are bottled and sold to the specialty trade, brokers, top restaurateurs, export markets and private customers.

A-48/A-1, exit Wittlich. B-50 toward Bernkastel. B-53 to Brauneberg. Dusemonder Strasse is parallel to B-53.