Hans-Joachim Zilliken
Heckingstraße 20
D-54439 Saarburg/Saar
Telefon (06581) 2456
Telefax (06581) 67 63
e-mail: info@zilliken-vdp.de

Viticulture has been the family’s passion for more than 250 years.The estate is named after one of our ancestors, the Royal Prussian Forestry Commissioner Ferdinand Geltz (1851-1925), who was a founding member of the Grosser Ring · VDP. Today, the estate is run by his great-grandson, Hans-Joachim Zilliken. For years the estate’s reputation has been closely linked with the renown of the unique vineyard site "Saarburger Rausch.” The cool and – thanks to a nearby spring – extremely humid cellars could well be the deepest in the Saar Valley.They provide optimal conditions for reductive vinification in the traditional wooden casks we use. Riesling wines in bottle are stored three stories beneath the earth’s surface, where they mature without any loss due to evaporation. Their aging potential can only be estimated in their youth, but experience shows that it takes decades for some of the wines to reach their peak.

Vineyard Size and Grape Varieties:
Riesling is the only variety planted in the estate’s 10 ha (25 acres) of vineyards, all of which are situated on extremely steep, south-facing slopes of Devonian slate. Some of the vines are on original European rootstock.Environmentally- friendly vineyard practices and strictly limited yields are a matter of course for the estate.

Vineyard Sites:
Saarburger Rausch; Ockfener Bockstein. The Wines: The brilliance of our wines derives from a racy, filigree acidity that guarantees extraordinary longevity.

Export markets are of primary importance. The wines are also sold at VDP auctions and to the specialty trade, restaurateurs and private customers. Tastings are possible (by appointment).

Directions :
Via B-51 from Trier or Saarbrücken, then on B-407.Cross the river on the Laurentiusbrücke,exit at Stadtzentrum (city center) and turn into Heckingstrasse. No.20 is the 4th house on the right.