Heinz Wagner
Bahnhofstraße 3
D-54439 Saarburg/Saar
Telefon (0 65 81) 24 57
Telefax (0 65 81) 60 93
e-mail: drwagner@t-online.de

The Wagner family can look back on a long tradition of winemaking. Josef-Heinrich Wagner, the great-grandfather of today’s proprietor, Dr. Heinz Wagner, decisively shaped the course of the estate during the 19th century,when he consolidated the family’s vineyard holdings and built the villa and winery near the train station in Saarburg. The survival of the estate was put to the test several times. The Schloss Saarfels sparkling wine cellars in Serrig, built in a Moorish style in 1913/14 by Adolf Wagner, passed into other hands and posed a great burden to headquarters in Saarburg-Beurig. Despite numerous legal proceedings,Heinz Wagner has succeeded in carrying on in his father’s footsteps.

Vineyard Size and Grape Varieties:
The estate cultivates 9 ha (22 acres) of Riesling vines in extremely labor-intensive (and thus, costly) steep sites.

Vineyard Sites:
The estate owns core parcels of the sites Saarburger Rausch and Kupp; Ockfener Bockstein.

The Wines:
The wines have a pronounced acidity and an inimitable effervescent, elegant style that derives from the slate soil and vinification in oak casks.

The specialty trade, export markets and private customers are the main buyers.

From Trier via B-51. In Saarburg follow signs to the Hauptbahnhof (train station).