Cornelia und Reinhard Heymann-Löwenstein
Bahnhofstraße 10
D-56333 Winningen/Mosel
Telefon (0 26 06)19 19
Telefax (0 26 06)19 09

Numerous 15th-century documents mention Winninger wine-growers named Löwenstein. Particularly well preserved is the lease Johann and Walpurga Löwenstein signed in 1574 for a property belonging to a monastery in Rommersheim. The estate in its present form was created after Cornelia Heymann and Reinhard Löwenstein married. Beneath the
manor, built in ca. 1900 under the direction of the architect F. Bernhard, lie generous vaulted cellars that are optimal for producing high-quality wines.

Vineyard Size and Grape Varieties:
The estates has 13 ha (32 acres) of Riesling vines in steep, terraced sites.

Vineyard Sites:
1. Sites:
In Winningen: UHLEN Rothlay, UHLEN Laubach, UHLEN Blaufüßerlay, RÖTTGEN.
In Hatzenport: STOLZENBERG and Kirchberg.

The Wines:
Riesling thrives in the shallow, slaty soil and dry, hot microclimate of the Mosel terrace. The wines are harmonious, with a rich,often exotic,fruitiness. The focal point of the collection is a filigree, finely mineral Riesling wine called ‘Schieferterrassen’ (slate terraces). Kirchberg and Stolzenberg are rich in minerals,while Röttgen is reminiscent of overripe peaches and coffee. On the other hand, Uhlen shows a fascinating concentration of autumn fruit and a vigorous, resonant mineral tone.

Consumers, top restaurateurs and selected domestic and foreign retailers are the main customers.

A-61, exit Koblenz-Metternich. In Winningen, take Hauptstrasse to the railroad embankment and turn left on Bahnhofstrasse.