Eberhard von Kunow
Agritiusstraße 5
D-54329 Konz-Oberemmel/Saar
Telefon (0 65 01) 1 53 84
Telefax (0 65 01) 1 84 98
e-mail: weingutvonhoevel@t-online.de

The well-known wine village of Oberemmel lies in a delightful little side valley east of the Saar, where grapes have been grown and first-rate wines have been produced for centuries. Now as then, the viticultural focal point is the former St. Maximin Abbey and its 900-year-old cellars. Shortly after secularization in the early 19th century, the Graach family, merchants in Trier, purchased some of the monastery’s buildings, thereby founding the estate that has been in the family ever since. Today, Eberhard and Hildegard von Kunow, the sixth generation of the founding family, combine traditional methods and modern technology in making their wines.

Vineyard Size and Grape Varieties:
The 10-ha (25- acre) estate is planted exclusively with Riesling.

Vineyard Sites:
Oberemmeler Hütte (sole ownership); Kanzemer Hörecker (Alleinbesitz) and Scharzhofberg. Gutsriesling (house wine): Balduin von Hövel. The

The wines are aged traditionally in Fuder (1,000-liter) oak casks. Domestically and abroad the von Hövel estate’s top-quality Riesling wines, with their inimitable racy acidity, are highly esteemed, and their reputation is not least due to the excellent Oberemmeler Hütte vineyard site.

The specialty trade and large German wine exporters purchase most of the wine.

From Trier, B-51 toward Saarbrücken. Right turn in Konz toward Oberemmel-Wiltingen.The estate is in the historical monastery building next to the old church.