Markus Milz
Moselstraße 7
D-54349 Trittenheim/Mosel
Telefon (0 65 07) 23 00
Telefax (0 65 07) 56 50

The home of the estate, the Laurentiushof, lies in the center of Trittenheim, adjacent to the church. Portions of the cellar were built in 1680; other parts of the buildings in ca. 1715. The Milz family have been wine-growers in Trittenheim since 1520. Over the years the original property increased in size with the acquisition of large holdings from the Knight of Warsberg and the Counts of Hunolstein. The house and cellars are maintained in their original style, yet the estate is equipped with the most modern vinicultural technology.

Vineyard Size and Grape Varieties:
Riesling (98%) is the main variety cultivated in the estate’s 5.5 ha (18.5 acres) of steep slopes.

Vineyard Sites:
Trittenheimer Leiterchen (sole ownership), Felsenkopf (sole ownership), Apotheke; Dhron: Dhron Hofberger.

The Wines:
A large selection of different styles and vintages is available – from dry, off-dry or light wines to rich, full-bodied top-quality growths. Voluntary yield restrictions and ecologically-friendly vineyard and cellar practices are of great importance. We age our wines in traditional oak casks (1,000-liter Fuder) and interrupt fermentation – rather than add sweet reserve – to achieve the desired amount of residual sugar.Our winemaking style is strictly reductive. Dry wines account for ca. 60% of our production.

The main buyers are restaurateurs, the specialty trade and private customers. The wines are also exported to the USA, Englan, Japan, France and the Benelux countries.

A-48/A-1, exit Föhren/Leiwen. Cross the Mosel at Thörnich. Trittenheim is 7.5 km (5 miles) downstream, toward Bernkastel. The estate is in the
heart of town,next to the church.