Thomas Haag
Am Markt 1
D-54470 Lieser/Mosel
Telefon (0 65 31) 64 31
Telefax (0 65 31) 10 68
e-mail: info@weingut-schloss-lieser

The estate was built in 1904 by Baron von Schorlemer and lies adjacent to the family’s ancestral castle. All of the buildings were constructed of slate, with beautiful cellars in tunnels dug deep into the hillside. They provide ideal conditions for making and maturing wine, thanks to their cool, constant temperature and humidity.

Vineyard Size and Grape Varieties:
The estate’s 6.5 ha (16 acres) are planted exclusively with Riesling – the finest, most interesting and most diverse grape variety on earth.

Vineyard Sites:
House wines bear the proprietary name ‘Schloss Lieser’; the vineyard appellation Lieser Niederberg Helden is reserved for the finest growths "Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr" and "Brauneberger Juffer"

The Wines:
Quality is our principal maxim, and we embrace the motto ‘as little as possible, as much as necessary’ with regard to vineyard maintenance, i.e.our efforts are guided by a respect for nature.After an extremely selective harvest, by hand, we press the grapes as quickly and gently as possible and do a first fining. Fermentation is slow and cool, and takes place in oak casks or stainless steel, depending on vintage conditions. We rack the wines – separate the new wine from the yeast – in a traditional manner as soon as the desired level of residual sweetness is reached. This natural sweetness, an original component of the juice, lends each cask an individual character.

Private customers, specialty trade and restaurateurs purchase most of the wine; some is exported.

A-48/A-1, exit Wittlich (B-50 to the Mosel; turn right; or exit Salmtal (toward Klausen) and drive toward Mülheim-Lieser (left side of the river).