Dr. Heidi Kegel
Weinstraße 1
D-54441 Kanzem/Saar
Telefon (0 65 01) 15 00 42
Telefax (0 65 01) 1 88 79
e-mail : von-othegraven@t-online.de

The history of the estate is the history of viticulture in Kanzem on the Saar. It begins in about 1500. For some 150 years the estate was run by the von Metzenhausen- von Hagen family, who set up a press and press house in 1604. Today, the family’s coat of arms and the year 1604 can be seen on the doorway to the manor and above the door to the cellars. The estate changed hands several times, but was always in private possession. As of 1805, it was owned by the families Grach-Weissebach-v. Othegraven, and in 1921,was taken over by Maximilian v.
Othegraven. His widow ran the estate after his death in 1968. Today’s proprietor, Dr. Heidi Kegel, assumed control from her aunt, Maria v. Othegraven, in 1995.

Vineyard Size and Grape Varieties:
Only Riesling is planted in the estate’s steep and sloping 7.9 ha (19.5 acres) of vineyards.

Vineyard Sites:
Kanzemer Altenberg; Wiltinger Kupp; Ockfener Bockstein.

The Wines:
The greater part of the vineyards lies in the core portion of the Kanzemer hillside Altenberg. The mild climate,Devonian weathered slate and almost perfectly south-facing exposure of the hillside provide an ideal setting for Riesling.The wines are individually vinified and aged. They have a typical Saar wine character with their fine mineral aroma and great longevity.

The wines are sold to restaurateurs, the specialty trade, private customers and export markets, as well as at VDP wine auctions.

From Trier the estate can be reached via Konz-Filzen. It lies on the right bank of the Saar, between the river and the train tracks.