Claus Piedmont
Saartal 1
D-54329 Filzen/Saar
Telefon (0 65 01) 9 90 09
Telefax (0 65 01) 9 90 03

After the battle on the bridge at Konz in 1673, defenses and redoubts were no longer needed and the wood was sold at auction to the St. Maximin Monastery. It was used to build the estate buildings, which have retained their look to this day. After secularization, the church property passed into private hands. The merchant Julius Piedmont bought it in 1887 as a summer residence for his large family. Today, the fourth generation of the family in Filzen combines tradition with practical technology to produce and bottle Riesling wines that have been aged in oak casks.

Vineyard Size and Grape Varieties:
The estate’s 5.5 ha (13.5 acres) are planted primarily with Riesling vines (> 90%).

Vineyard Sites:
Filzener Pulchen.

The Wines:
Light, fruity, crisp Saar Riesling wines are produced from vines – some on original rootstock from the last century – planted on pure slate soil in
the Pulchen and Urbelt sites, where the angle of inclination reaches up to 85%.

Bottled wine (85%) is sold to private customers, restaurateurs, export markets and at auction; ca. 15% (ten-year average) of production is sold as bulk wine.

From the confluence of the Saar and Mosel rivers at Konz, 6 km (ca. 4 miles) southwest of Trier, Filzen is the first village on the right bank of the Saar. The large white estate building is at the entrance to town.