Christian Ebert
Saarsteinstraße 30
D-54455 Serrig/Saar
Telefon (0 65 81) 23 24
Telefax (0 65 81) 65 23

The Schloss Saarstein estate lies high above the Saar and the vineyards of Serrig. The white manor, ringed by the estate’s own vineyards of the same name,was built around the turn of the 19/20th century, some 80 years after the estate was founded.Today, the Serriger Schloss Saarsteiner site numbers among the finest of Germany. Its dark, weathered, clayish slate soils and steep south-facing exposure provide the Riesling grape with excellent growing conditions and set the stage for elegant, fruity, piquant wines as well as lusciously sweet, top-quality growths. Today, Christian Ebert runs the estate purchased by his father Dieter in 1956.

Vineyard Size and Grape Varieties:
Riesling (95%) and Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) are cultivated on the estate’s 10 ha (25 acres) of steep vineyards. Vineyard Sites: Serriger Schloss Saarsteiner (sole ownership).

The Wines:
The individual character of these Saar wines are marked by a racy elegance combined with a fruity acidity typical of the region. Low yields and gentle winemaking techniques are the prerequisites for wines that are rich in extract. Approximately 60% are vinified dry and bear a distinctive yellow label. The off-dry and sweeter Rieslings have an appealing fine fruitiness. In good vintages, Christian Ebert does a painstaking, selective harvest to pick grapes for Auslese, Beerenauslese and – if weather permits – Eiswein. The region is renowned for the latter.

The wines are sold at VDP auctions and through brokers at the Mainzer Weinbörse,as well as to the domestic and foreign specialty trade.A small
portion is sold to private customers.

B-51 from Trier to Serrig via Saarburg.Take the first exit for Serrig and drive through the tunnel, then drive uphill on Domänenstrasse and through a patch of forest. The estate overlooks the Saar. Note: The manor cannot be reached via Saarsteinstrasse.