Christoph Schaefer
Hauptstraße 130
D-54470 Graach/Mosel
Telefon (0 65 31) 80 41
Telefax (0 65 31) 14 14

Willi Schaefer’s ancestors were all wine-growers, documented since 1590. One of them, Johann Schaefer, married Katharina von Meyerbach, whose coat of arms is depicted on our labels today. Between 1840 and 1847,two brothers and a sister of Johann Schaefer emigrated to America. In 1992, Paul E. Schafer wrote the ‘Schafer History,’ in which details about the German side of the family are also presented. Many American descendents have come to Graach to search for their roots and they are happy to be able to enjoy ‘Schafer Wine’ in the USA. Willi Schaefer Jr. was born in the so-called ‘Dompropsthaus’ (provost’s house), a former press house of the provost of Trier Cathedral. As such, a happylooking
‘Dompropst’ is also shown on the label.

Vineyard Size and Grape Varieties:
Riesling is the only grape grown in the estate’s 3 ha (6.7 acres) of steep vineyards.

Vineyard Sites:
Wehlener Sonnenuhr; Graacher Himmelreich and Domprobst. The Wines: Domprobst: wines of great character with a firm acid structure, reminiscent of black currants, and great aging potential. Himmelreich: filigree wines with a fine fruity note.

The wines are exported and sold on the domestic market to the specialty trade, private customers and upscale restaurateurs.

Graach is the first village downstream from Bernkastel, on the right side of the river. From the Hauptstrasse, watch for the copper sign and two birch trees that border our estate. From A-48/A- 1, exit Wittlich.