Kirchstrasse 37
56852 Pünderich
Tel: 06542 - 2 21 80


The Busch family have been wine-growers for many generations, but at the hand of Clemens Busch, the estate reached its present size and reputation by integrating top parcels of the Pünderich vineyard sites Marienburg and Nonnengarten into the estate’s holdings. The steep slopes of these sites face south or southeast. The weathered slate soils absorb the warmth of the sun and supply the vines with important mineral nutrients.
In 1985, Clemens Busch began implementing controlled, environmentally sound viticultural practices (member of Ecovin), and since 2005, biodynamic preparations have been used to promote the health of the vines and soil.

Vineyard Size and Grape Varieties:
The estate’s 10 ha (25 acres) are planted 95% with Riesling.

Vineyard Sites:
Pündericher Marienburg and Nonnengarten.

The Wines:
Powerful, spicy, well-structured wines with great aging potential. Well-ripened grapes are the focus of every harvest. The grapes are harvested late, selectively (i.e. in several rounds), and exclusively by hand. Musts are vinified individually, depending on the type of slate soil in which the grapes were grown. Thanks to a long fermentation, the use of natural yeasts, and aging on the lees, the wines are quite individualistic and full of character. The Rieslings from blue slate are rich in mineral tones – almost salty; from red slate, herbal-spicy aromas; and from gray slate, wines reminiscent of yellow fruit, with a fine mellow note. Carefully selected botrytized berries yield lusciously sweet Auslese with pronounced berry, and often honeyed, aromas. Beerenauslese and even Trockenbeerenauslese has been produced in every vintage since 1999.

About 25% of the wines are exported; the rest are sold to private customers, restaurateurs and the specialty trade.

A-61, exit Rheinböllen. B-50 to Kirchhberg. Turn right onto B-421 toward Zell. A-48/A-1, exit Wittlich. B-50 toward Bernkastel. At the Mosel, turn left. B-53 toward Zell (Koblenz).